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“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.”

Nelson Rockefeller

Structured Notes and Major Project Financing

JTE Consultancy enjoy relationships with a number of institutions and organisations that are able to provide collateral that enables banks to issue bank instruments such as Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC’s) and Bank Guarantees (BG’s) which can be monetised for the purpose of trade.

In addition, JTE Consultancy also have direct access to organisations that specialise in the monetisation of bank instruments to cashflow large projects.

JTE Consultancy can also arrange for clients to be introduced to regulated entities that specialise in the trading of Fixed Income Securities including Medium Term Notes (MTN’s)

JTE provides a bespoke service tailored to the requirements of each individual client, introducing the correct regulated experts.

Structured Notes and Major Project Financing - JTE Consultancy
Credit Enhancement - JTE Consultancy

Credit Enhancement

Bank Instruments issued by A rated banks in other words, stand by letters of credit, documentary letters of credit and bank guarantees can be used as collateral to fund international trade and major project finance. The recipient of the instrument will normally require a pre-arranged credit line to be able to use such an instrument. JTE are able to introduce clients to professionals, usually senior bankers or ex-bankers who are able to guide clients through the necessary steps required to complete a successful transaction. This can include

  • Sourcing an appropriate bank instrument
  • Introducing a bank who can accept the instrument and offer the required credit facilities.

Investment and Fixed Income Securities

The acquisition and trade of fixed income securities is only open to sophisticated investors who have substantial funds to invest. Organisations offering such opportunities do not advertise or publicise their services they work on an introduction only basis and rarely accept new clients. JTE are able to introduce credible regulated entities who can demonstrate their ability to perform.