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“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth.”

Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Discounted Property

True bargains do not linger long, so act quickly if you would like to secure a property bargain! Contact JTE Consultancy today.

At JTE Consultancy, we are extremely well-placed to take advantage of bargain moments, even when they are few and far between. There are many companies and websites selling purportedly discounted property, but many of these so-called “discounted deals” do not pass close scrutiny and will not value up by any independent RIC's Surveyor. At JTE Consultancy, you will never have to worry. Through our comprehensive network of contacts, we have access to many commercial and residential properties that are very hard to find elsewhere.

Commercial Discounted Properties for Sale

The price of commercial property is not just set by its worth, but also by the quality of the tenant and length of time remaining on the commercial lease.

When a property is coming to the end of its lease, and the tenant does not wish to renew the contract, a commercial property may be priced at a discount because the owner needs an income stream and does not want to be left with an empty property. This is just one of a variety of reasons why commercial property may be available at a discount. JTE Consultancy work with both national and international property funds who sometimes need to dispose of such assets. Contact us today for a current property list.

Commercial Discounted Properties for Sale - JTE Consultancy
New Build Property Bargains - JTE Consultancy

New Build Property Bargains

New build property bargains are residential houses and apartments which are sold by large and small developers. The discount offered is measured against the list price at which the builder has been advertising and marketing the property. This could be likened to buying an item from a department store, in that the sales price percentage discount is measured against the previous price the item was marketed for sale on the shop shelf. In other words, the list price is the price set by the developer, not the price the property would necessarily value up at. Just like department stores, some builders’ prices are very competitive because they want to sell quickly; while other developers will set their prices higher in the hopes they can persuade the Surveyor to accept the price. We can help you find the true bargains among the many so-called discounted properties for sale.

Discounted Holiday Homes

Many People choose to buy a property abroad to use as both a holiday home and a rental income producing property for when they are not there. The most popular destinations for British people are France and Spain. In Spain a lot of buyers look for bank repossessions, however it can take years for a bank to repossess a property and in that time many properties fall into disrepair meaning the buyer must then arrange for local workmen to repair the property unless the buyer is a DIY expert. The best bargains actually occur before the bank repossesses the property, when a deal can be made with the Seller. We work with agents who specialise in working with distressed sellers and we can also provide referrals for brokers who can assist in arranging a mortgage for you.

Discounted Holiday Homes - JTE Consultancy