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Business Finance

Most companies big or small will require commercial finance at some stage in order to help their corporation meet its commitments and to expand. There are many types of corporate finance available and one of the most important parts about running a business is to ensure a positive cashflow is maintained at all times.

Obtaining finance in order to cashflow a business should always be considered in tandem with

All of the above will be required in order to demonstrate to a commercial lender that your application for a commercial overdraft or business loan should be approved. JTE’s experienced business consultants work with experienced financial and legal experts who can help your business grow whilst increasing productivity and profitability, allowing you to have the benefit of managerial economies of scale. Our business consultants can work on a job by job basis or you can choose to retain our expertise on a monthly plan tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our senior business consultants can discuss with you the many types of commercial finance available and through their contacts with specialist lenders and hedge funds introduce you to the best regulated entity to achieve your financial goals. There are also other more specialist ways of arranging finance through joint venture partners and “business angels” and JTE have the industry contacts to make the appropriate introductions.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance provides immediate funds for emergencies and quick purchases, and it can be a lifesaver when finances are needed on short notice. This type of finance is usually arranged as a first or second loan on a property. Bridging finance requires very experienced brokers who specialize in this type of finance. JTE Consultancy work with a number of bridging finance providers who specialise in this type of immediate finance transaction most particularly property transactions for property bought at auction. JTE can arrange for your application to be processed with expertise and speed. In some cases, the finances can be arranged in as little as 48 working hours

Bridging Finance - JTE CONSULTANCY
Mezzanine Finance - JTE CONSULTANCY

Mezzanine Finance

If you need to bridge the gap where a loan has been offered, but is not yet at a sufficiently high “loan to value,” mezzanine finance is just what you need in order for your project to progress. Take, for example, a building project where a mainstream lender has offered 60% of the project costs, but a further 30% is still required. This 30% is considered to be a much higher risk to the lender. Therefore, a mezzanine lender would require a higher rate of interest, together with a share of the profit. At JTE Consultancy, we work with mezzanine finance professionals who are prepared to support viable, profitable projects.

Business Finance for large projects

Even the very best projects can find it difficult to get adequate bank finance. There are a number of problems with bank financing in the modern day. Banks are constrained by the need to repair their own balance sheets and new requirements for capital adequacy, and this can make it difficult to get bank funding for new ventures.

To solve this issue, modern day transactions are often financed nominally through the banks, but in reality by individuals or wealth funds providing the collateral by way of cash deposits or assets. At JTE Consultancy, we have close working relationships with a number of bank instrument providers (Commitment Holders) who specialise in providing collateral to enable the issuance of bank instruments through their chosen bank(s).

JTE Consultancy works to forge beneficial relationships between the client, the commitment holder and the bank. In turn, the banks are able to issue guarantees, standby letters of credit, or other similar financial instruments to enable qualified borrowers to finance their projects.

Of course, any financial instrument needs to be collateralised to provide the necessary cash. If the borrower does not have a relationship with his bank whereby this can be done on attractive terms, JTE can routinely arrange this by introducing the borrower to a bank willing to facilitate the borrower’s requirements.

Business Finance for large projects - JTE CONSULTANCY