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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

Commodity Trading

Commodities are raw or the basic materials which are sold internationally in order to supply the world with:

The latter two are relatively new within the commodities market. The first three are considered to be traditional commodities which have historically been traded for centuries.

London has been for many years one of the recognized international centres for commodity trading and has a long established financial supporting infrastructure.

Investors in the commodity market

JTE Consultancy expertise concentrates on the trading of raw materials e.g. scrap metals, copper, aluminium, or cement; precious metals like diamonds or gold; fuels like petroleum products; and basic foodstuffs, including rice, sugar, cocoa, tea, and more.

Commodities usually move in opposition to stocks, making it a convenient place to invest. Commodity trading is typically carried out through a futures contract, which is a specific agreement to buy or sell in the future and sophisticated investors normally invest in commodities in order to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional securities.

It is essential to engage a recognised professional who knows how to trade commodities in the given market who can help investors make smart and informed decisions. Finding the right professional can be very difficult because they tend to operate in a closed circle and do not advertise their services. Most of the time such professionals work on a word of mouth referral basis and are reluctant to accept new clients.

Through its contacts JTE Consultancy are able to introduce new clients to professional individuals and organisations with a proven track record of successfully executing commodity transactions.

Clients who wish to buy and sell commodities

JTE Consultancy has experience in arranging and executing virtually every type of commodity deal. So, if you choose to work with us you know you have an experienced business partner whom you can depend upon.

JTE are able to take care of every last detail. A typical transaction is made up of many complicated steps, all of which must be exactly followed if the deal is to succeed.

In our role as broker/facilitator we will arrange with the client and provide discretely either Proof of Product on behalf of the Seller, or Proof of Finance if acting on behalf of the Buyer.

As a result of long established relationships that the principals at JTE have forged with buyers and sellers of raw materials and refined commodities JTE often act as papered mandates.

Commodity Trading - JTE CONSULTANCY


In transactions where the Buyer does not have sufficient liquidity JTE can, through its well-developed relationships with Banks and Specialist Financiers, introduce the Buyer to Joint Venture partners or financial institutions which can supply appropriate banking documents to support the transaction.

We can also assist in arranging transportation of commodities, insurance, hedging and discounting.