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“Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economising.”

John Stuart Mill (political economist)

Property Investment for Retirement

Planning your retirement

Traditionally most people relied on a structured pension plan to fulfil their financial needs when retiring from full time employment. However for many reasons a number of these plans have failed to deliver adequate yields which has resulted in a number of people looking to purchase property instead of/or in addition to investing in pension plans to satisfy their pension requirements.

At JTE Consultancy we can help you construct a property portfolio that:

JTE Consultancy can provide you with a fully managed turn key property portfolio

With a managed portfolio

What if there is a property slump?

Firstly, any “property slump” is commonly monitored by the capital value of the property and does not usually impact upon the rental income produced by the property.

Secondly, historic property prices from various reputable sources such as both the Nationwide Building Society and the Halifax Bank show that property over the long term has always risen at a rate higher than the rate of inflation. This is even though, between 1989 and 1993, during a recession period in the UK the average house price dropped in value by 20%

But over the period from 1975 to 2007, after accounting for inflation at 7% per annum the average house price increased by a further 164% on top of the rate of inflation

This means that a dip in house prices does not affect the long term viability of property investment.

Property Investment for Retirement - JTE Consultancy

Rental Income = Retirement Income

Many people overlook the income producing nature of rental properties. Currently the residential rental market is at its most buoyant ever and all the social indicators suggest that the UK is moving away from a nation of home owners to a nation of renters.

A recent report by Savills suggests that the average age of the unassisted first time house buyer is now 37 years old and even for those with help from a relative it is over 30.

There are also now a much bigger proportion of people living on their own which considerably adds to the number of renters. Current figures suggest that one out of every five households in England is part of the private rented sector.

JTE Consultancy gives YOU the opportunity to purchase a Turnkey product giving you both income and the opportunity for capital appreciation. The rent provides you with an Inflation proof income which can provide you with an income in old age

When capital values are down the rental market is normally stronger. So hold onto the property and receive the benefit of the monthly income. Even when the capital value is rising you can still receive a steady rental income but you can also sell the property to liquidate some cash or keep the property and continue to receive the monthly income.

The amount of rent is not directly linked to the capital value of the property so even if the property value goes down you will still receive an inflation proof rental income so long as the property is kept in good repair.

Why JTE Consultancy?

The founders of the company have decades of experience in every aspect of property from construction to purchase to tenant management.

One of the founders of JTE has been involved in all aspects of the property business from purchasing rental properties to managing them, maintaining them and dealing with tenanting the properties. Building up a property portfolio of her own of almost 200 residential rental properties based in the UK and abroad. She self-managed all aspects of those properties herself including marketing, maintenance, legal and inventory issues together with a small dedicated staff.

JTE Consultancy firmly believes that one of the safest investments in these turbulent times is income producing property and JTE can offer a turnkey product to those people who do not have sufficient specialist knowledge or the time to build and manage their own property portfolio.

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