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“The Financial Planning Report aims to highlight and maximise the POTENTIAL GROWTH of the business.”

Financial Planning Report

The purpose of any financial plan is six-fold: -

The financial plan assesses the businesses current financial health taking into consideration all departments within the business, the return on investment from working capital and how to deploy manpower.

The plan will also include details of borrowing, payment of dividends and this plan may also be published and distributed to all shareholders.

A good financial analyst is a creative problem solver who likes to put all the pieces of the business together and formulate different growth outlooks which management can then evaluate and decide which ones to adopt.

Whilst there are a number of software programs which will create reports, those reports need to be interpreted by a financial expert who understands accounts including balance sheets, cashflow and income statements and who can draw on their existing expertise and knowledge to submit innovative solutions to enable a business to grow and improve profitability.

JTE has a number of talented consultants who have vast experience in preparing such reports, which enables management to steer the company in a positive direction and also allows management to consider new possibilities.

A financial report can also be used for the purpose of obtaining commercial finance and JTE can make appropriate introductions to investors and financial organisations who can provide funding.

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