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“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”

Robert Kiyosaki

Company Formation

When deciding to set up a business it is very important to decide the entity, the location and the representation for the business.

In particular taking into consideration the tax liabilities and the medium to long term aims and ambitions for the company.

Most businesses are established in the country where the business intends to trade, however it can be very advantageous to explore other options including whether it would be more beneficial to establish the company in a more tax friendly jurisdiction.

Gibraltar is one of the most tax efficient locations in Europe and is known for good governance and a stable financial infrastructure in which to set up and grow your business.

Business friendly, English and Spanish speaking Gibraltar is a hive of business activity and it is possible to set up both on shore and off shore company structures.

After identifying clients needs JTE are able to introduce established regulated professionals who have a wealth of experience and impressive track record in the formation of tax efficient corporate structures.

For those clients who own or intend to purchase property portfolios the right corporate structure is not only important in relation to the amount of income tax paid on rent and the capital gains tax paid on property disposals but also when planning for succession to future generations the right corporate structure can ensure that the portfolio is protected from paying inheritance tax so property can pass down the generations.


A Trust is a special type of legal relationship consisting of a settlor(s) and a beneficiary(ies), whereby assets such as money, shares land or buildings are entrusted to a fiduciary who will manage those assets. Once a trust is established it is very difficult to unwind therefore it is of paramount importance that the trust is established in

  • A safe and secure jurisdiction
  • A jurisdiction which is easily accessible
  • A jurisdiction where there is good governance and financial stability
  • A jurisdiction where professional advisers are fully regulated.
Company Formation and Trusts - JTE Consultancy

Gibraltar offers all this and more.
JTE can introduce clients to reliable experienced professionals who can set up trust structures and provide clients with sound advice.