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"The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade."

Benjamin Franklin

In todays business environment it is who you know and understanding what they can do for you. JTE Consultancy provide specialist business advice and introductions to experienced senior professionals who can work with you to increase profitability and help you to accomplish your financial objectives.


Business Consultancy - JTE Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Every business needs well managed credit control and frequent financial health checks in order to keep the business on track and monitor profitability.
JTE Consultancy is here to provide you with the tools to succeed, help improve profitability and help grow your business. This is achieved by independently reporting on the key areas of your business, such as productivity analysis, measuring the businesses current financial wellbeing at the same time as setting future optimum targets through financial analysis illustrating the company’s maximum output and the point at which the company receives maximum return for its efforts. You can either enlist JTE to just help improve your cashflow through credit control or JTE can prepare financial reports together with a financial plan detailing how your business can achieve its goals and compile a report for the purpose of obtaining finance to achieve the planned envisaged growth.

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Expert Foreign Exchange - JTE Consultancy

Expert Foreign Exchange

JTE are able to introduce you to foreign exchange specialists and partners who appreciate a clients need for rapid exchange services and are able to offer same day services at excellent rates. JTE can also introduce you to specialists in currency transfer swaps for more exotic currencies which are not easy to exchange in the normal currency markets or become necessary in situations when standard currency exchanges are restricted by internal government regulations. Tell us your requirements and we will ask one of our regulated partners to provide a no obligation quote.

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Commodity Trading - JTE Consultancy

Commodity Trading

All successful commodity trades must follow the basic rules which are that the purchaser can show proof of ability to purchase eg a verifiable proof of funds and sellers must evidence what they have for sale. eg proof of product and evidence of ability to deliver the product. At JTE we are able to match buyer and seller to ensure a successful trade. JTE consultants have vast experience arranging and executing commodity deals including raw materials, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, fuels and food stuffs.

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Property Consultancy - JTE Consultancy

Property Consultancy

Our Property Consultants are experts at buying and selling UK and international property, as well as managing purchased assets. We source discounted real estate property in both the UK and abroad. JTE is able to offer a structured portfolio based around the clients individual requirements and budget. JTE can also introduce clients to specialist financial advisers who can arrange portfolio funding.

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Company Formations and Trusts - JTE Consultancy

Company Formations and Trusts

Choosing the correct corporate structure is imperative to the profitability of a business. The way in which a company is established and the choice of country where the company is formed determine how much tax the company will have to pay and will also be instrumental if the shareholders decide to sell shares in the company at a future date. At JTE Consultancy we work with experienced senior professionals around the world who specialise in setting up company and trust structures in the most tax efficient way.

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Commercial Finance for Your Business - JTE Consultancy

Commercial Finance for Your Business

Our experienced business consultants at JTE offer a high level of expertise in the area of business finance and are able to suggest solutions that you may not have previously encountered or thought about. JTE can introduce you to both mainstream and niche finance providers and can introduce your business to private investors and lenders who can offer flexible finance options.

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Structured Notes - JTE Consultancy

Structured Notes

JTE can introduce clients to providers and institutions that issue structured notes for the purpose of commodity trading and project finance eg DLC’S, BG’S and SBLC’s. As well as introductions to Monetisers and experts in financing for large transactions.

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